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Fly drive holidays

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Fly Drive Holidays
There are many roads that lead to holiday destinations. You could drive there, or you could choose the railroad, or even catch a plane. The plane is usually the fastest way to get where you want to go, but then how do you get from the airport to your reserved accommodation? What type of transportation is perfect for travelling to all the sites? And what if you want to see as much as possible of the country and don’t want to stay in one place? Then fly drives could be the perfect solution.

Perfect Combination
Fly drives are nothing different than combinations of flying and driving. You travel by plane to your holiday destination, where there will be a rental car waiting for you. You can book a fly drive through your travel agency or on the internet. Travel agencies offer various deals for fly drives and sometimes the route you plan to be taking with the car will already be mapped out, and accommodations along the way will be booked. In other cases only the flight, the car and the time will be fixed, and the rest is up to you. The rental cars can usually be picked up and dropped off near the airport.

Far Away Countries
Large, stretched out countries are perfect for discovering by fly drive. You fly to another continent for quite some money, and want to see as much as you can. Enjoy the nature of Canada and drive to the Niagara Falls and nature parks. Experience the contrast between Australia’s green forests and its red dry desert. In Africa’s Western Cape you can spot whales and drive through vineyards. Also in America you will realize the necessity of a car, visiting the National parks, the crazy Las Vegas and the wonderful Disney World.

Freedom and Independence
Fly drives are not necessary only for far away places. Also for holidays within Europe the combination of driving and flying offers a lot of freedom and independence. Various travel agencies already arrange fly drives to Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece, and France.


Kuoni – Inspiring Fly Drive Holidays

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Kuoni is the best deal for fly drive holidays, if you are indeed interested to discover a number of destinations and resorts at your own pace. Explore the royal cities, stunning scenery, breathtaking sights, and beautiful towns on your road adventures. Enjoy the self-drive holiday wherein you can plan your own schedule. Kuoni offers various fly drive holiday packages. You can select any one and go on to gain wonderful memories and experiences.


Skiweekends - Splendid Fly Drive Holidays

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Skiweekends is a wonderful agency that offers you amazing fly drive holidays to beautiful destinations worldwide. You are in the exact place to book your fly drive holidays. It provides fly drive holidays special offers. It is working in partnership with great accommodation provider to provide top five new resorts. You can choose from one of these fantastic resorts to search more information about their invincible fly/drive breaks.


Virginatlantic – Fantastic Fly-Drive holidays

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Virginatlantic is the final solution to your confusion, if you are looking some deal offering unique fly-drive holiday deals. If you wish to drive Route 66 or see the American mid-west, you are surely in the right place. It offers mind-blowing fly drive holidays to destinations including, USA, Canada, Caribbean, and many more. So, go ahead and get your deals booked quickly to enjoy a journey full of wonder and beauty.