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Holiday village

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Holiday village - A new and unique type of holiday for the entire family

A holiday village is a complete package of entertainment and relaxation for a family and they cater to the needs of all the family members i.e. they are suitable for one and all. Holiday villages offer visitors the basic and useful facilities such as restaurants, hotels, cafeterias etc. along with variety of facilities for sports to tend to the needs of all the visitors. Some holiday villages leave no stone unturned to indulge the visitor in mesmerizing luxuries like spas, sauna baths, Ayurvedic massages, grand restaurants, ultra modern mini malls, etc. Holiday villages are compared on the basis of their appeal to the entire family. This is the most unique feature of holiday villages, from toddlers to senior citizens; this place is meant for all.

Before Booking
During planning, the first step is to select the holiday type. Here, factors such as age of the family members (most importantly old people and children), the preferences of the members, budget, duration of the holiday, etc. play a major role. Thankfully, holiday villages can be safely selected for almost all possibilities of above stated factors. The USP of these villages is the sheer volume of entertainment available for anyone above 3 years. Families with infants can opt for special villages which have provisions to take care of babies. Also, reading the fine print of a holiday village package finely, might prove to be worth the effort.

A few tips
A host of different facilities are offered by the various holiday villages hence, there is scope for selecting a package deal that would most closely match a tailor made deal for your own purposes. Appropriate selection would help reduce the expenses and sometimes even the luggage to be carried. Although most villages supply towels, bed linen, hair-dryers and also toiletries as a mark of hospitality but, this is not a standard practice and should be enquired at each village. Those that do not supply such articles generally make provisions for renting them but of course at extra charges. If you are unsure about the policy of the village you have booked, it would be advisable to carry these articles. Also donít be surprised if you find that basic utilities such as electricity, etc. are also charged extra at a few places. It goes without saying that it is absolutely necessary to enquire about the costs of all the entertainment facilities being offered at the village as you will find, they are seldom free.

The last word
Holiday villages are comparatively new as a concept for holidays but they have become extremely popular in recent years. Variety of entertainment and a fresh holiday environment all around the village is very inviting and coupled with the possibility of being a great idea for a family holiday, this is one holiday type that is difficult to resist.


Eurocamp Ė Awesome Holiday Villages

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Eurocamp has a special selection of holiday villages in Spain, Italy and France. These holiday villages are well equipped with everything you will require for an exciting and fun filled holiday. There are childrens clubs, heated swimming pools, well-maintained grounds, and activities catering to the whole family in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.