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Luxury holidays

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Luxury Holidays
Luxury holidays are not for everyone. When thinking about luxury holidays you immediately think of a beautiful villa on the most beautiful place in the world. Just outside your rented villa lies the golf course and just a little further is the harbour where your rented sailboat with staff awaits you. While scuba diving you see corals in all colours of the rainbow, and dolphins swim around the boat. When you return from your sailing trip, your personnel at the villa serves you campaign. In the evening you enjoy fresh oyster, and when the sun sets you stroll over your private beach above which thousands of stars sparkle. You spend that night in a perfectly made up bed, and in the morning you get a massage.

A luxury holiday offers a lot more than the common last minute holidays, where there a big chance of ending up in overcrowded tourist areas and in a hotel where they serve fish and chips all day. Nothing special.

A luxury holiday is a holiday where everything is possible. Basically one rule counts: the rule of money.

Luxury and Lavishness
The destinations of luxury holidays are most important. Usually luxury holidays bring you to places where there are lots of tourists, however you will not find yourself surrounded by tourists. Luxury holidays bring you to the most exotic places, usually some what isolated, but that’s just fine. Whenever you feel like visiting the touristic village, you simply call your private driver.

Of course there are also luxury holidays that place you in the middle of the tourist centres, but be assured that the hotel you stay in will have more than three stars. The hotel will serve more than a regular three course meals, and the staff will be ready to serve you, night or day, in uniform.

Popular destinations to have a luxury holiday are currently the oil states. Countries such as Saudi Arabia, Oman and Bahrain are very popular amongst those who want to enjoy the perfect luxury holiday. These countries hold many riches and wealth, and nothing is considered too much. The accommodations here are amongst the best in the word, and the shopping centres hold luxury and lavishness not commonly seen.

It is for good reason that celebrities choose to have their luxury holidays in places like that, and you can count on these people knowing what real luxury is. They desire the best of the best, and this is exactly what they receive in these countries. If you would choose to have your luxury holiday in one of these countries, you will have to consider different norms and values. These are usually Muslim countries and have different rules.

Luxury holidays can also have themes. You could choose to go on a golfing holiday, or maybe you enjoy good foods. A gastronomy trip is usually part of a luxury holiday package, and takes you to taste the most exquisite foods, usually local meals not to be found in regular restaurants. On a golf holiday you visit only the best golf courses and sleep in only the nicest resorts.

Cheap Luxury
Luxury holidays of course can also be done cheaply. Luxury is after all a subjective concept. What you might find luxurious might not be the case for some else, and so maybe you consider a camping ground with internet a luxury. For a professional footballer and his family this would not be the case, he’d consider that an adventure holiday.


Britishairways – Enjoy Luxurious Holidays

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Britishairways offers the best luxurious holiday deals that is exactly what you expect from it. You only need to select the fine hotels in the best spectacular locations to spend your luxurious holidays. These hotels are well equipped and suit the taste of every person. Some of the popular destinations for luxurious holidays offered by Britishairways include Africa, Europe, North America, Caribbean, Australia, UK, Ireland, etc and many more.


Corushotels – Luminous and Luxurious Holidays

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Corushotels provides you everything you need. Welcome to Corushotels, an insider guide that offers you great accommodations in best locations worldwide. Rest assured because you will experience the very best in luxury places, which will delight, surprise and excite you. So, this year why not plan to experience a truly memorable luxurious holiday. Book your holiday deals with Corushotels and explore a beautiful destination to escape to.


ebookers – Cheap L:uxurious Holidays in Style and Comfort

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ebookers allows you to enjoy a holiday experience throughout the world, that you never had before. It offers a fantastic range of affordable luxurious holidays from London, wherein you can spend your holidays in great style and comfort. So, get ready to seek unparalleled experiences by booking your luxurious holiday deals with ebookers.


Hilton – Lavish and Luxurious Holidays with Hilton

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Hilton knows that your leisure time is indeed very special and precious that you would like to enjoy it in your way. Spend your luxurious holidays relaxing, participating in exciting activities or observing the local sights. Hilton makes it possible for you to acme closer to al the experiences you want to seek in a luxurious way. Enjoy the excellent services, fun-filled activities and chilled out nights in luxurious resorts by planning your luxurious holiday deals with Hilton.


Jamesvillaholidays – Lovely Luxurious Holidays

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Jamesvillaholidays plans a superb range of luxurious activities as well as facilities for you to spend luxurious holidays. Whether you are looking for spa holidays, golf holidays or holidays just to relax yourself, JamesVillaHolidays has all types of luxurious holidays for you. Luxurious holidays in luxurious resorts by JamesVillaHolidays also allow flexibility in your stay. You can come anytime, and stay for how long you wish, as these leisure resorts are highly flexible.


Kuoni – Great Luxurious holidays

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Kuoni plans luxurious holiday deals, exclusively for you and your family to enjoy your holidays in complete luxury, peace and style. Stay in the world class fine hotels, enjoy the delicious meals and active entertainments, all planned only for you. Spend your luxurious holidays in destinations like Austria, Bahamas, Antigua, China, Botswana, Australia and many such luxurious destinations.


Millenniumhotels – Lovely Luxurious Holidays

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Millenniumhotels specializes in organizing superb and groundbreaking luxurious holidays for your loving family. Entertain your family by booking your luxurious holiday deals with Millenniumhotels. Live your holidays with great comfort as it provides luxurious overnight accommodation and breakfast facility. Millenniumhotels is the best deal to plan your holiday, which makes your leisure time cherishable as well as memorable.


Responsibletravel – Luxurious Family Holidays with ResponsibleTravel

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Responsibletravel can organize luxury holidays for you and your family, if you wish to go for enjoying luxurious holidays. It offers all the tailor-made services that will enable you to determine where to stay and what to do. It offers luxury holidays that is a perfect blend of creature comforts and authentic travel experiences. Make your holidays indeed luxurious and enjoy a tension free trip by booking all your deals with ResponsibleTravel.


Superbreak-Luxurious Holiday Deals

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Superbreak is at your service if you want to take a quick break from your elaborate timetable. And to spend a carefree vacation all you have to do is get yourself a place in a luxury hotel. The staff at these hotels will take of everything and anything. With Superbreak you have many options in many cities like Monaco, Zurich, Amsterdam, Abu Dhabi, Athens, Bangkok Bath, Berlin, and Cape Town, Paris etc. So go ahead take a Superbreak.


Thomson – Luxurious Holidays in Style and Comfort

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Thomson enables you to discover some of the very fine holidays that you are looking for. If you wish to enjoy the services of a holiday that offers you high standards, divine cuisine and excellent facilities, you should book your luxurious holiday deals with one and only Thomson. Select your holiday destination form number of choices offered to you to seek unraveling experiences while on your holidays.


Virginatlantic – Luxurious Holidays

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Virginatlantic offers Platinum Collection of Hotels wherein you can spend your luxurious holidays, indeed in great luxury and comfort. The hotels are well equipped and well furnished with everything you need provided at your footsteps. Enjoy the entertainment facilities, dining, water sports etc and have a great luxurious break in the Platinum Collection of hotels that are greatly selected by Virginatlantic.


Youtravel – Lavish Luxurious Holidays

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Youtravel gives you an opportunity to spend your holidays in royalty. They present great holiday packages at some of the best luxury hotels of the world. You can visit great cities of the world without caring for the stay as the staff of these luxury hotels will take care of you. They are willing to take care of your stay and will ensure that you have the best of everything making your holidays very memorable. So go ahead and take advantage of these great holiday packages offered by these hotels. Have a nice holiday.