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Rail holidays

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Rail holidays, take pleasure in resting.
No traffic-jams, arriving at your destination well-rested and right into the heart of the city without the hassle of parking. Sleeping as you travel, no toll roads and even enjoying a nice dinner as the kilometres fly by. Train holidays are ideal for European city trips, but also for winter and skiing holidays. Travelling casually with only a backpack as you drift trough various countries or precisely knowing where your 9000 kilometre long train trip will bring you. What do you do with a rail holiday?

Railing trough Europe
Off course you could drive with a map on your lap or guided by your navigation system towards Paris. Hopefully you know what traffic jams to avoid where, and at what rate you can park near the hotel, if at all possible. You could however consider having the Thalys drop you off in the heart of the city Paris. Train trips are usually an excellent way to go about city trips in Europe. The rush of reaching speeds of 300 km p/h in the Canal tunnel is adventure on its own. You will be in Paris in no time! Railing is a comfortable solution for touring within Europe. You can, for example, make a tour of multiple days through Switzerland. And enjoying the snow in Norway as you enjoy a cup of tea in your fauteuil.

Sleeping as you travel
Train trips are ideal to reach your winter sport destination. No traffic jams or horrific weather conditions, winter tires or snow chains required. The Alps Express will take you as far as Italy, Austria and Switzerland. These trains are night-trains, so as dream away you will get closer to the snow. Unless of course you take the ski-train-disco heading for Austria. It is questionable whether you’ll be able to catch some sleep, or that you rather party along on the sounds of the après-ski music. Do wish to benefit from getting to your holiday address rested and have your own transportation at your destination? Then you can go with the car-sleep train. Neither stress nor toll-roads, but instead a lovely sleeping cabin. The car-sleep train will take you amongst others to Germany, Austria, France and Italy.

Intercontinental rail holidays
One of the most famous and impressive train travels is the Trans Siberian Express. You travel from Moscow through Siberia into Beijing, China. It is furthermore the longest rail trip of at least 9000 kilometres. Even so unique is the Shongololo-hotel train. This train tours trough the south of Africa, where you will pass six different countries. The train is equipped with a restaurant, a bar and lounge wagon and a laundry car. The train carries several vans to make field and day-trips!


ThomasCook – Enjoy Train Holidays with ThomasCook

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ThomasCook is a popular and well-known travel agency that organizes different types of holidays for all kinds of travelers. If you ever decide to go for train holidays, the best option with you is to go for ThomasCook. Reach your destination easily without worrying about tickets, reservations or baggage allowances. Enjoy a stress free and tension free train journey by booking your deals with ThomasCook.


Eurocamp – Impressive Train Holidays

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Eurocamp allows you to enjoy your train holidays to destinations like Western Mediterranean, Dordogne, Spain, French Riviera and many more. Relax aboard and have fun while traveling in the motorail. You can travel comfortably at night, sleep aboard, relax and have a look at the beautiful scenery you come across while your travel. Enjoy memorable and exciting train holidays by booking your deals with Eurocamp.


Virginatlantic – Joyous Train Holidays

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Virginatlantic offers train holidays to you throughout the world. So, now you can go in the whole continent from north to south and east to west through these legendary train journeys. It will take you to the heart of the continent. Marvel at the wonderful picturesque sceneries throughout the journey and the tropical splendor of different locations by booking your train holiday deals with Virginatlantic.


Kuoni – Tempting Train Holidays

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Kuoni allows you to sit back and enjoy the beautiful sceneries around in one of luxurious train holidays planned by Kuoni. Travel in complete peace and safety along the imposing mountain ranges of New Zealand or the Rocky Mountains through Canada or the winter wonderland through Switzerland. Enjoy your train holidays to your full fledge by planning all your deals wit Kuoni.


AAtravelinsurance – Excellent Train Holidays

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AAtravelinsurance has excellent deals for steam train holidays to Britain. Enjoy an excellent journey in the train and travel towards your destination in leisure, peace and comfort. Enjoy the sceneries and events that pass by along the train. If you ever decide to go for train holidays, book your deals with AAtravelinsurance and gain an experience that will leave back beautiful and memorable memories.


Accorhotels – Train Holidays in Barcelona

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Accorhotels allows you to set on a scenic tour by train and watch out the ruins outside set in the serrated mountains. Travel in Barcelona in the Montserrat and Winery Tour including Rack railway and explore this beautiful city in your own way and at your own pace. So, hurry up and get your deals booked with Accorhotels to enjoy a fantastic train journey.


Hostelbookers – Tempting Train Holidays

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Hostelbookers offers attractive train holidays throughout the world for you to explore different cities in a very comfortable way. So, enjoy a happy train tour to destinations like Europe, United States, Southeast Asia, and many more destinations by booing your train holidays with Hostelbookers. Enjoy and explore the world that is full of great destinations for train travel and gain an unusual and memorable experience from your train journey.


Interhome – Awesome Train Holidays

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Interhome makes all the arrangements for your happy and joyful train holidays. Traveling by train is an ideal way for short stays or holidays spent in any particular location. You can choose your days of travel. Interhome offers you a Flexi Pass of train travel that is valid for about a month. Travel at relatively half the normal price and enjoy your train journey with great pomp.


Nationalexpress – Enjoy Train Holidays with NationalExpress

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Nationalexpress is a leading travel agency that runs numerous high speed and frequent train services throughout UK. NationalExpress offers train holidays to you that are affordable, reliable, convenient and safe. Book your train journey soon with NationalExpress and enjoy classic holidays to your destinations, free of troubles and worries regarding ticket bookings, reservations and confirmations.


Responsibletravel – Train Holidays with ResponsibleTravel

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Responsibletravel offers train holidays to a number of different destinations. Travelling by train is the best way to view the countryside, reduce the carbon footprint and come across the other locals on your way. It offers train holidays to Europe, UK, Canada, US, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and many more destinations. Plan your train holiday deals with ResponsibleTravel and enjoy a comfortable trip.


Superbreak- Explore Train Holiday

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Superbreak offers wide variety of rail travel packages throughout Europe. Rail holidays have many advantages. First of all you can sleep while you travel reducing fatigue. That means more energy to enjoy holiday. Plus there are no traffic-jams, you don’t have to worry about parking and other such car related hassle. Railways are fairly on time so you arrive at your destination at scheduled time. Rails are best preferred for winter holidays as you don’t have to deal with horrible weather. So go ahead and enjoy your vacations peacefully with train holidays offered by Superbreak.


WarnerLeisureHotels – Enjoy Rail Holidays with WarnerLeisureHotels

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WarnerLeisureHotels offers a wide range of remarkable train holidays for you and your family. You will be accompanied the best on your train holidays tour by booking your deals with WarnerLeisureHotels. So, just relax and explore the surroundings, places of interest and other events without worrying about your train reservations or tickets. Everything will be taken care of WarnerLeisureHotels.