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Senior holidays

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Senior holidays
The term seniors can be applied in a broad sense. A senior is someone who belongs to an older generation. However it is obvious that a sixty year-old senior has other needs for his vacation than an eighty year-old one does. Senior holidays come therefore in many diverse forms. Furthermore there are numerous travel agencies specialized in putting together senior holidays to fit your needs.

Easy going
Nearly all types of vacations are made accessible to seniors. Especially excursions and city trips are very popular. For the more active generation there is a wide range of bicycle and hiking vacations available. The majority of the senior holidays are however less challenging. There is a selection of the more suitable accommodations and finds more moments to relax en rest. Holidays within Europe are always popular, but a tour around the United States can also be offered as a senior holiday. You do not have to run from one hotel to the other, but you will have several days at each accommodation. You will not have to travel long distances in a short period of time.

Bringing your walker?
As many travelling agencies have specialized in senior holidays, they offer holidays on different levels of intensity. The selection of people on a particular trip is determined on whether or not they use a walker. The travel and walking distances adjusted to fit the limitations of those using a walker. If required, a registered nurse will be present during the entire holiday. There is care and notice of all special needs that one would imagine for seniors on their holiday.

Overwintering in the sun
Would you like to trade the cold, wet winter of England for the sun? More and more pensioners are choosing to overwinter abroad. This type of senior holiday takes usually several weeks. You can stay at the Spanish Costas or the tropical islands like Bali. Florida is winning popularity, as well as Greece and Turkey.

Suited accommodations
Apart from the special compounded holidays there are increasingly more accommodations available to seniors. Nowadays there are senior camping sites and specially adapted bungalow to fit the necessities of the senior.