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Tennis holidays

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Tennis holidays
Biking- and hiking holidays, deep sea diving and ski holidays are some of the more celebrated holiday options. But did you know you can also book tennis holidays? Either to refine your techniques or to take part in a tournament. From beginners to advances players, anyone that has enjoys being on the tennis court can make reservations for a suited tennis holiday.

Professional tennis instructors
For youngsters under the age of 21 there are particular sports camps, among which a tennis-camp. Even though you have passed that age you will find appealing tennis holidays offered. It does not matter if you never held a racket in your life or you have been taking part in competitions for years, there is always a tailored tennis holiday to fit your needs. A few hours a day you will enjoy training from professional tennis instructors. Beginners learn the basics whereas advanced players are assisted to improve their play and advance their skills. Often there is made use of video training to achieve optimum results. At the end there is a final tournament to round off the tennis holiday.

It is still a tennis holiday
It is refreshing to spend much time practicing your favourite sport and meet sport lovers like yourself. However, it is still a vacation. This means that the selected destinations are in a sunny region like Turkey, France and Italy. The hotels are particularly selected for the tennis courts. You will get around two hours of daily classes, but there is plenty of time left to relax and unwind. You can take day tours and explore the surroundings. This is a good opportunity to learn to play tennis during a relaxed holiday.

Also for partners and friends
Your tennis lessons will be taught in small groups of people that play on a similar level. This you will receive lots of individual attention and you can learn from the others in your group. And what if your partner is just not that into tennis? This is not a problem. While you practice your backhand, technique and service, your partner can enjoy all the facilities that the luxury hotel has to offer. There will be plenty of time left to spend together and get out there.


ThomasCook – Great deals to Enjoy Tennis Holidays

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ThomasCook is a specialist in arranging exciting active holidays for you and your family that you might have not even heard of or ever experienced. If you are planning to go for tennis holidays, you may always refer ThomasCook. It will offer you much more than a resort, a bed or flights. Tennis holidays with ThomasCook will give you excellent memories that will serve as an unforgettable experience in your lifetime.


Disneylandparis – Great Tennis Holidays

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Disneylandparis enables you to enjoy the game of tennis to your full potentials. Feel the warmth of the sun on your back and wind your racket in different directions. Step out in the centre court and smash and volley the tennis game to your hearts content. Explore the game of tennis here under the guidance of experienced people and fulfill your wish to play the game to your full potentials. Plan your tennis holiday deals with Disneylandparis and enjoy the game.


Freshweekends- Seize Tennis Holidays

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Freshweekend gives you a chance of learning to play tennis while you are enjoying your holiday. Tennis is a popular game and if you haven’t got time to learn it yet and don’t have time to spend especially on coaching then you should grab this holiday break. It is an amazing combination. These lessons are given by famous former tennis players so you get the best of everything. So what are you waiting for grasp your racket and get ready to play tennis.


Jamesvillaholidays – Tennis Holidays with JamesVillaHolidays

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Jamesvillaholidays organizes special tennis holidays for all the tennis lovers throughout the world. It offers some very great places like CampoReal wherein you can stay and enjoy the tennis game while you are on your holidays. Improve your playing techniques with expert tuitions from the tennis professionals and visit the tennis academy to gain more knowledge and information about the game.


Macdonaldhotels – Exciting Deals for Tennis Holidays

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Macdonaldhotels plans excellent tennis breaks for those who have a keen interest in playing tennis. Tennis is a very popular game and Macdonald-Hotels has tennis packages that will attract the tennis players from all the age groups. No mater, you play tennis for fun or are a regular club player, book your tennis holiday deals with Macdonald-Hotels and enjoy the game you love the most.