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Tour holidays

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Tour holidays
Why stay in one place when on holiday? If you choose for a touring holiday you are guaranteed to have an exciting holiday. You will be lead through the most beautiful places and visit the most important sites. Tour holidays are offered in various forms. You can go with a group, but also alone or with your friends or family. Far away or closer to home, with the bus, plane or car, tour holidays can be done in many ways.

Around the World
A lot of tour holidays are made with a touring car. You travel to the holiday destination by plane or car and then get driven past all the sites in a touring car. In the travel brochures these are usually referred to as excursion trips. Within Europe, for example, you can do a touring holiday by car where you visit three countries in Scandinavia. But you could also discover USA and Canada within fifteen days, or tour the national parks of Africa to see lions, elephants and rhinoceros.

Private Tour holidays
Do you enjoy travel agencies high lighting the most memorable sites to be seen, arranging accommodations and confirming excursions, but prefer not to travel in a group? No problem, there are plenty of private tour holidays where you get to spend your time with personally chosen travel companions. Private holidays usually attract people to the most mysterious places such as “Kingdom of the Dragon” in China, or “Country of Maharaja’s” in India.

Family Tour holidays
When taking the children along travelling, you could consider booking a special family touring holiday. You still visit the most beautiful and impressive places, but the pace of travelling will be adjusted for the younger family members. Also the interests of the children will be considered when determining where to go, and how to relax.

Exceptional Tour holidays
It might be costly, but undoubtedly an experience: a tour of Antarctica. You can find penguins, seals and finfish. Or visit six African countries while touring by train, book a wine tour through France, or try to see Santa Claus during your tour in the Northern Cape?

The dictionary calls a safari, “an expedition through the wilderness of Africa”, and that is precise. Most safari’s take you through Africa and give you the chance to see the wild animals in their natural habitats. The most impressive wild animals are also named the ‘Big 5’: the lion, the elephant, the buffalo, the rhinoceros and the cheetah. However it is a challenge to spot all of them during one safari.

Africa, safari country
Kenya has many nature parks full of birds, such as Lake Nakuru and Lake Naivasha. Here you can see flamingos, ice birds and sea eagles. Wild Park Samburu holds amongst others, giraffes, cheetahs, zebras and ostriches. In Tanzania you can participate in individual tent safaris, where you search for wild animals in luxury. Guidance of a private guide and a private cook to prepare meals. Your tent has its own toilet and even warm running water. In the south of Tanzania you will find a nature park which has not yet been bombarded by tourists. You travel to it by train and leave the park by small plane. The wild parks in Uganda are also a great place for camping safaris, you visit the mountain gorillas, chimpanzees and a python cave, not to forget rafting on the Nile.

Other Countries
It is definitely possible to go on safari in different continents besides Africa. In the coastal mountain areas of Southern India you find the Periyar National Park. This rainforest can be visited by foot or by boat in search for panthers, tigers, bison and elephants. During a safari in Malaysia you can see crocodiles, rhinoceroses, gibbons and bears. In Lapland you can book a husky safari where you sleep in wilderness huts and enjoy meals at a self made camp fire. Also in Canada you can experience large wild animals while on safari such as the grizzly bear, the black bear, wolves and mousses.

Close to Home, One day Safari
A safari is usually an expensive trip, so if you don’t have enough saved up yet or want to have a taste before you go, try checking out safari parks in your own country, such as England’s Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park.


Responsibletravel – Tour Holidays

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If you like to get off the beaten track and get under the skin of a place with knowledgable tour leaders and likeminded people, then responsibletravel.com is bound to have something for you. They have 1000s of tours - whether you like to travel in a group, or prefer something tailormade - all over the world. You can get in touch direcltly with the operator, read reviews from other travellers and find out how your holiday will make a difference to the local communities and the environment.