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Walking holidays

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Walking Holidays
Almost nothing is healthier than a good walking holiday. You combine beauty with health and during your walking holiday you enjoy the beautiful views, the snowy mountain tops or the endless green fields. And all that while being active. You also enjoy the views much more when walking as the pace isn’t very fast, when driving in a train or car catching a glimpse of the view is a lot harder.

Walking holidays take place everywhere. A beautiful country that you probably see a lot from your car of train is England. The stretched planes, the green hills, the coast, all wonderful places to go walking in. You will notice that there is still a lot to see and discover.

Many walking holidays are focused on Mountains. The Alps have great walking routes and also the Nepalese Himalaya or Annapurna mountain ridge offer beautiful paths. Both remarkable and guaranteed an unforgettable walking holiday. The sun that rises in the early morning over the Poon Hill on the Annapurna is an amazing site. Slowly you see the snowy mountain tops light up in the sun. It’s a spectacle of light that hardly been captured on picture.
For walking holidays in the mountain such as the Himalaya’s or even in the African Kilimanjaro, you must be in good shape. Usually these are steep climbs, causing problems such as height sicknesses. No matter how well trained you are, there is nothing to do to prevent it, height sickness can happen to anyone.

Sand Planes
A complete different type of walking holiday, but definitely just as adventurous, is a walking holiday in the Sahara. You may wander what views the Sahara holds, but also here there are beautiful sand hills. You see an oasis, meet wanderers and see many other things that are found nowhere else. Also here the right preparations are necessary, the Sahara is hot and you must be able to stand the heat.

A truly wonderful walking holiday can also be held in Ireland. The temperature is more or less the same and the walks aren’t too heavy. At least there are no high mountains to climb, nor any dry and hot sand planes.

Ireland offers a varied and green landscape with beautiful hills and wide lakes. During your walking holiday you can see all of it. You walk from cottage to cottage and during you walk you fully enjoy yourself, and all that in your own pace.

While on a walking holiday make sure you have the right clothing. Especially the shoes are very important, and be sure to have worn them before. Never go on a 6 day walking holiday in the Alps on new shoes. You will get blisters, and those are horrible.

Having pains during a walking holiday can ruin everything, you will inevitably enjoy the landscape less if you are constantly in pain of your blisters. You get a little grumpy, want to go home, argue with your partner, and so on.

So be prepared when on a walking holiday. After all it is the holiday has to be enjoyed, and you can stop where ever you like, for example rest and have a drink by a beautiful little river.


Eurocamp – Brilliant Walking Holidays

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Eurocamp offers walking holidays to you in ideal locations. View the natural beauty surrounded around us in delightful surroundings by planning your walking holiday deals with Eurocamp. Go on a walking tour and explore the world nature to your full fledge. Walking holidays offers you an opportunity to come close to the beautiful nature around us.


AAtravelinsurance – Wonderful Walking Holidays in Britain

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AAtravelinsurance allows you to take a stroll across Britain by offering wonderful waling holiday deals. Go for walking holiday in Britain to destinations like Fort William, Thames, Hadrian’s Wall, etc and enjoy the beauty of nature along with your walks. See the beautiful city and explore it to a great extent by planning your walking holiday deals with AAtravelinsurance.


Accorhotels – Walking Holidays in Venice

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Accorhotels offers walking holidays in Venice that will give you the perfect introduction to this city. Explore the intricate, narrow and winding back streets of Venice through your walking tour. Walking holidays in Venice enables you to experience the back streets, churches, piazzas, and the narrow alleyways that are the homes to beautiful canals.


Adventurecompany – Wonderful Walking Holidays

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Adventurecompany has the best deals for you to make your walking holidays, a great success and one that will be cherishable throughout your life. Have a pleasant walk into the Atlas, the Roof of North America, and many such destinations and cheer up yourself while walking through the stunning mountains and picturesque sceneries.


Hotels –Walking Holidays in Hong Kong

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Hotels organizes wonderful walking holidays for those interested in active and sportive holidays. It organizes walking holidays to the Lamma Island, Tai Tam Country Park and Kowloon Markets in Hong Kong. Experience the colorful culture and navigate the place with the help of the guide to view the sights, sounds, smells and any other treasures. Discover the picturesque beauty of the area and reward yourself by getting an opportunity to come very close to nature by booking your walking holidays tour with Hotels.


Jamesvillaholidays – Brilliant walking Holidays

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Jamesvillaholidays organizes wonderful waling holidays for you, if you are interested in outdoor activities. It offers walking holidays to the La Torre Golf Resort, Spain. Enjoy your holidays amidst the natural scenic beauty and breathtaking environment. This resort caters to all the needs of the guests. It also offers variety of other activities like golf, tennis, kayaking, kite surfing, sailing, etc.


Jet2Holidays – Walking Holidays in Stuttgart

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Jet2Holidays offers exciting walking holidays in Stuttgart. Familiarize yourself with this city and its attractions through an informative and enjoyable walking tour. Get fascinating insights into the culture and history of Stuttgart and explore the entire city and its lifestyle by planning your walking holiday deals with Jet2.


Lastminute – Perfect Deals for Walking Holidays in Rome and Italy

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Lastminute offers walking holidays in Ancient Rome and Italy in small groups of about 25 people. This walking tour serves as an ideal way to get introduced to ancient Rome and explore it to your full fledge. No need to wait in long queues, just book your deals with Lastminute and you can go around Rome and view the different sites easily and quickly.


Responsibletravel – Exciting Walking Holidays

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Responsibletravel is an expert that can organize walking holidays for you. These holidays are particularly designed to support the local people and reduce the environmental impact. It plans walking holidays for people of all walking abilities that includes from introductory walking (beginners) to High altitude trekking holidays. Enjoy the nature, greenery and scenic beauty on your walking holidays and utilize this opportunity to get close to nature to your full potentials.


Sherpa – Inn to Inn Walking Holidays with Sherpa

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Sherpa is a well-known travel agency that is a specialist for planning walking holidays. Walk independently without worrying about your baggage and luggage. It will be transferred to the next hotel and will be awaiting for you till you arrive there. Sherpa offers a complete flexible program, wherein you can start walking anytime you wish and may also take extra days for resting or sightseeing on the way.


WarnerLeisureHotels – Interesting Walking Holidays

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WarnerLeisureHotels specializes in planning exclusive walking holidays for you and your family. It offers walking destinations like Alvaston, Corton, Sinah Warren, Bembridge Coast, Norton Grange and many more interesting destinations. Explore the nature and scenic beauty around by planning walking holiday deals with WarnerLeisureHotels.


DoSomethingDifferent – Walking Holidays with DoSomethingDifferent

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DoSomethingDifferent makes fantastic arrangements for you and your family, if you are planning to go for walking holidays. Plan your deals of walking tour with DoSomethingDifferent and you will be pleased after your journey, with so many different activities and destinations are offered to you to choose from. It offers splendid walking tours to destinations like Paris, France, Morocco, Marrakech, Austria, Brisbane, South Africa, Cape Town and many more wonderful destinations all over the world.